A little more about Sparkom

Sparkom exists since 2013, we have gained new experiences every day, have developed our knowledge, built a company on healthy foundations, established successful cooperation with numerous clients where each completed project become our best further recommendation...
A little more about Sparkom

Sparkom is a professional team of experts in the field of modern computer technologies, graphic design and marketing that follow the trends of web site development and applications, keeping up with trends, we offer our clients  the best possible solutions. The development of modern technologies and the universal availability of the Internet as well as the presence of smartphones has led to the availability of websites 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by investing in quality web site you will get multiple return of investment, guaranteed!

From the initial idea of ​​creating a website by a client, we form a conceptual solution that draws attention to the graphic design, careful and professional creation of the site itself, enabling our clients to have excellent visibility, rankings on Google, which is among other things, the purpose of the creation itself. By designing, creating and online the presence of a website you will pay attention and attract new customers, but also to indicate why they should choose you.

With additional marketing, either through Google advertising or Facebook campaigns, we provide a complete service from the conceptual solution, making design and website creation to advertisements and new clients.

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